AC Interclub - December 11th 2021
This Event Is Now Closed.

Canterbury Interclub Information

NOTE:  A VACCINE PASS is required to compete in this event.

Club & Canterbury Masters athletes who have registered PRIOR to the close off time will be charged an additional fee.

This season we are taking ALL entries ONLINE, unless you have made a prior arrangement with Andrew Stark (

Conditions of Entry:  There will be no refunds if you enter events, but then decide to withdraw.  Please ensure you enter all events in one session.

Please remember that your name will appear in results as it is typed. i.e. if you type your name in lower case or CAPITALS it will come out in entry sheets and results in lower case or CAPITALS.


  • Seeded TRACK Races ... how fast will you run?

To ensure you are placed in a race with runners of similar ability, you are required to estimate your time for the event/s you enter. 

The format for the entering your time is as follow:

100m to 400m:  When you are asked to enter a time, the format is SS.TSHS  (Example: 15.12, 17.00, 48.65, 75.96  etc.   Note the decimal point between the digits)
Distances greater than 400m:  When you are asked to enter a time, the format is MM:SS.TSHS  (Example: 5:45.00, 7:23.00,  14:08.34 etc.  Note the colon and decimal point between digits)

If you have never raced the distance before, please provide your 'best estimate'.  Entries without a time will be allocated to races based on the number of entries and available spaces (i.e. laned races of no more than 8).


Entry Procedure Instructions:

To enter, you will be required to login using the e-mail and password that you used when you registered with your club.  This may be linked to more than one member of your family.

  • Click on Click here to Register.
  • Select the correct Entry Types and correct Grade you would like to enter, then click NEXT.
  • Enter your e-mail & password to LOGIN or this may happen automatically.
  • If the wrong person's details appear, under Account Members, click on Register A Linked Member to select the correct name for this entry and fill in any missing information.  Then click NEXT.
  • Click on Add Events to enter the event you would like to enter.  This needs to be done for each event you would like to enter. 
  • NOTE: Most track events & jumps are listed in the TRACK & JUMPS:  Mixed Age / Gender Events drop down menu.   
  • All other age specific track & field events are in the appropriate age drop down menus.  You will be required to provide season's best performance for most track events to help with seedings using the format noted above.
  • Click on Submit to pay by Credit / Debit card.
  • NOTE:  In addition to the entry fee, ALL entries incur a $2.00 administration fee.


Once the process is completed correctly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  If you have any issues, please contact Andrew Stark (email:

Track events will be seeded, therefore please submit a realistic estimate of your time or your season's best performance to date.

Online entries / payment close at 11:45 p.m. TWO days out from the competition date, i.e. on Thursday night for a Saturday interclub.

Late Entries (including late entry fee of an additional, $5) close 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of an event.  Please complete your club registration ASAP.

Important note:  Late entries for races run in lanes will only be accepted if there is an available lane.  To avoid possible disappointment, make sure you pre-enter online.  

Reporting In:  All Athletes competing in track events up to & including 800m MUST report in at the TIC Room at least 30 minutes prior to the programmed event start time, so that accurate draws can be produced. 

All field event athletes are required to report at the event site at least 20 minutes prior to the event start time.

Andrew Stark (Programme Conveyor Track & Field Committee)

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